The company

La Conquesta del Pol Sud is a company formed by Carles Fernández Giua and Eugenio Szwarcer in Barcelona, in 2010. At the beginning, we were interested in contemporary dramaturgy which asks relevant questions of the present day (unemployment, the idea of real democracy, the civil disubbidience, alzaimer’s disease) and requires a challenging study concerning the theatrical language used on a project. Now we’ve reached a moment in which we are looking for new forms. We find ourselves more often interested in reality as theatrical material.

Carles Fernández Giua – playwright/dramaturg and director

He has a degree in Law and in Theater Direction. After studying Art History and visual arts (sculpture), he chose the theater for the possibility it offers to integrate the different live and plastic arts. In 2009 he created alongside with Eugenio Szwarcer the company La Conquesta del Pol Sud. From its origins, the company’s work has explored the connection between many compelling themes of daily life using the Theater as a space for collective debate.

Eugenio Szwarcer – video design

He studied in Argentina and Barcelona. Combines set design with video design in numerous productions. The essential themes of his work are the interaction between the action on stage and projected image and the use of space as an expressive element and engine for resistance and movement. Abroad he has recently worked with premier international creators like Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (Milonga, 2013) and in Catalonia he has collaborated with directors such as Carme Portaceli, Joan Ollé, Josep Mª Pou, Toni Casares and Rafel Duran.

Damien Bazin – sound design

He studied sound techniques in Paris. His work as a technician started in 1998. Since then he has worked at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris, and at the MC93 theater in Bobigny as well as different festivals and cultural conventions in France. In 2002 he did his first work with Carles Santos on “Samaruk, suck, suck” at the Villette in Paris and has since worked regularly with him as a sound designer. Based in Barcelona, he has worked also with directors Anna Llopart, Carol López, Magda Puyo, Joan Ollé, Roger Bernat, la Fura dels Baus, Julio Manrique, Jordi Casanovas and Oriol Broggi.

Luís Martí – light design

He studied in Barcelona and Valencia. He has worked with the most important directors in the country on a special collaboration at Barcelona’s Sala Beckett. He has collaborated with La Conquesta del Pol Sud on different productions including Macbeth, Contra la Democracia, Variacions sobre el model de Kraepelin, producing extremely expressive light designs specifically designed to combine with projected image.

Aina Pociello – executive producer

She has a degree in Audiovisual Communication and a master’s degree in production and management of cultural events. In recent years he has gained experience in the world of distribution and production working with collectives such as ‘Teatro de los Sentidos’ or with artists such as Clara Peya. His musical and dance formation gives her a whole vision of creation in performing arts.