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16 – Barberá
18 – Santurtzi
23 – Alcalá de Henares
25 – Vilafranca

MARZO 2019

9 – Basauri
10 – Barakaldo
12 – Groeningen (Explore Festival NL)
13 – Heerlen (Explore Festival NL)
15 – Breda (Explore Festival NL)
16 – Roterdam (Explore Festival NL
17 – Amsterdam (Explore Festival NL)
18 – Den Haag (Explore Festival NL)
19 – Utrecht (Explore Festival NL)
22 – Ermua
23 – Guijón
29/ 30 – A Coruña

ABRIL 2019

5 – Móstoles
11 – Murcia
12 – Castellón

Claudia is the second show of the trilogy about History and Identity, made by La Conquesta del Pol Sud.

Claudia Victoria Poblete Hlaczik lives in Buenos Aires, she works as an IT technician and is passionate about science fiction. Claudia apparently lives a ‘normal’ life but this apparence hides a very particular background. This young woman was educated in the values of the military environment until, when she was 21, she discovered that her real parents were ‘desaparecidos’ and that she lived an invented life in a family which had been imposed on her.

Her case led to an important turning point in Argentina because it meant the beginning of the end of the military leadership’s impunity.

Claudia’s life experience, which is communicated by herself on stage, is the primary material this theatrical documentary is based on.

We are interested in exploring the relationship between individual and collective issues. How do these different levels interact? What do some individuals’ experiences have to do with us? What is the meaning of words like revolution, memory, and education today?

Cast : Claudia Victoria Poblete Hlaczik, Carles F. Giua i Eugenio Szwarcer
Direction : Carles Fernández Giua
Set and video design : Eugenio Szwarcer
Light design : Luis Martí
Sound design : Damien Bazin
Executive producer : Aina Pociello