Against love

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“Against democracy” and “Against love” by Esteve Soler (Sala Beckett , 2011 and La Seca – Espai Brossa , 2013). Esteve Soler’s plays are focused on the lose of meaning of essential words like Progress, Democracy, Love. Soler force the scenic language to the field of allusion, stridency, incorrectness and even the unsightly. We can say that Esteve Soler is one of the more independent and personal voices in the present european dramaturgy.

Cast : Dani Arrebola, Eva Cartañá, Laia Martí, Guillem Motos.
Direction : Carles Fernández Giua
Set and video design : Eugenio Szwarcer / Alfonso Ferri
Light design : Luis Martí / Xavi Garcia
Sound design : Lucas Ariel Vallejos
Direction assistant : Silvia Dotti