Variaciones sobre el modelo de Kraepelin

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“Variaciones sobre el modelo de Kraepelin” [Variations about the Kraepelin’s model] by Davide Carne­vali (Sala Beckett, 2012).
A multidisciplinary performance based on the loss of memory. In this project, we worked on fragmentation and for us it was a first approach to the genre of non fiction. The “Variations” is our most experimental performance and it will define our formal interests for the future. In this performance we created a wide space for the interaction between projected images and acting.

Cast : Jordi Brunet, Artur Trias, Hans Richter.
Direction : Carles Fernández Giua
Set and video design : Eugenio Szwarcer
Light design : Luis Martí
Sound design : Damien Bazin