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‘The dumbwaiter’ by Harold Pinter (Nau Ivanow, 2008).
One of the most deep, disturbing, and funny plays by Pinter. A metaphor on the absurdity and brutality of power. In “The dumbwaiter” the spectator watch a reflection of the real world: we have an intuition about the threads that move some public figures, some states, some institutions, but we can’t see where those threads mean, we don’t have the whole picture. “The dumbwaiter” plays around this idea of poiwer like something hidden but very real.

Cast : Jordi Llordella y Armand Villén
Direction : Carles Fernández Giua
Set design : Eugenio Szwarcer
Light design : Paula Miranda
Sound design : Lucas Ariel Vallejos
Direction assistant : Marta Parramon