The Conquest of the South Pole


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‘The Conquest of the South Pole’ by Manfred Karge (Temporada Alta and Sala Beckett, 2009. Quim Masó Prize for theatrical productions).
Storytelling as a means to escape reality for the terminally-unemployed. A scenic poem about failure. A group of long term unemployed men discover in the story of the Conquest of the South Pole an impulse to continue living. In this case, the game of theatre exorcizes the demons of deseperation and the lack of motivations to live.

Cast : Dani Arrebola, Jordi Brunet, Rafa Cruz, Elena Fortuny, Oscar Intente, Hans Richter, Armand Villén.
Direction : Carles Fernández Giua
Set and video design : Eugenio Szwarcer
Light design : Paula Miranda
Sound design : Lucas Ariel Vallejos
Direction assistant : Marta Parramon
Executive producer : Maria Fontanals